Am I a Candidate for Reveal Clear Aligners

Am I Candidate?

Finding out is easy! Complete this simple assessment and we’ll let you know if Reveal® Clear Aligners are right for you!

Teens are candidates for reveal

A Clearer Solution for Teens & Adults

Reveal is everything a health-focused clear aligner should be. It’s efficient, well-made, and affordable.
But most importantly, it combines the convenience of an online direct-to-customer aligner with the high standard of care you’d get from your local dentist or orthodontist.

Teens are candidates for reveal

Reveal for Teens

Reveal is an orthodontic solution designed specifically for patients who have all of their permanent/adult teeth making it an excellent tooth-straightening solution for most teens. Consultations with your local doctor are free when booked via our doctor locator.

Adults are candidates for Reveal

Treating Adults with Reveal

The beautiful thing about Reveal is that people don’t have to know you’re in treatment. Reveal was made to not only address a full range of cases, but also to help adult patients keep their treatment discreet with clearer aligners.

Reveal a New You

Start your journey to a better smile with clearer aligners
and expert-guided treatment by a dentist or orthodontist you trust.